2010 Hunting Season

Well, its looking to be an action packed season for the TKO squad.  We picked up a pair of elk tags in the AZ draw for Ron and Jay.  Rob will be traveling the country this fall from Alaska to Montana, hunting and fishing along the way.  Im sure he will get some great pictures of some amazing country.  Hopefully Rob has some luck with the Montana draw and picks up an elk tag as well.

Turkey season is only two weeks away and with all the snow this year accessing the turkey woods will be tough, but hopefully we can fill our tags.  Rob will be headed to Kansas after the AZ opener to try his luck at some Kansas gobblers.

We are hoping to get some great footage this year from turkey to elk and some other fun in between.  After a long wet winter antler growth should be great and we are ready to be back out in the woods again!


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