March Shed Hunting

Took the family shed hunting with me in late March.  Got out a few times over the course of the weekend, sometimes by myself, and sometimes with the entire family in tow.  We hiked up on a ridge and did some glassing.  We found some elk and everyone took a turn watching them.

Took an afternoon drive on Sunday and got to see some of the locals.

The kids were actually paying attention to what we were doing and made me back up because they saw a flash of white when we were driving.  Good eye, but the wrong type of bone.

I think we saw more bone still on the hoof than we did on the ground.  Might have been a little early, but we'll know the area to check out next time we're up there.  I went out myself on Monday near the same area we'd seen the elk in the night before.  Got lucky and right before I had to head back I found some fresh bone.  I also found an older shed on the way out.

As a bonus, once we got back I learned I had drawn a September archery bull tag for the same unit.  You can bet we'll be back up there many times before the season opener!


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