New Tent

With my growing family and the many hunting trips that involve more than just me, a new tent was needed.  Our 'little' 8x10 Eureka canvas tent wasn't cutting it anymore.  Not to mention it was 30 years old and the last two times I've used it it has rained and we've had a couple of puddles in the tent.  That tent was perfect for 2 guys and a limited amount of gear, but put more people than that in it and it was very crowded.

After lots of research, I narrowed my choices down to a couple of tents.  I wanted something big enough for my family of 5 and our dog, yet easy enough to put up by myself.  I also wanted something pretty ventilated and waterproof that could stand up to a snow shower or a drenching monsoon shower up north.

I finally decided on the Cabela's Bighorn tent.  While doing some research on the tent I found a used one for sale.  It included the Bighorn II tent, vestibule, floor liner, and a wood stove with stove pipe, damper, and water tank.  Needless to say, my family now has a new (to us at least) tent.
I've only set up the tent one time so far.  It is in great condition.  I haven't set up the vestibule yet.  The floor liner and vestibule were brand new and it included multiple stake sacks with plenty of extra stakes and guy lines.
First impressions of the tent is that it is BIG.  The floor space measures about 12'x14'.  It tapers in at the front and back to about 7 or 8 feet.  The 12' width is in the middle of the tent.  The vestibule will add at least another 6'x8' area in front of the tent for extra storage.  It has an 8'6" roof tapering down to 5'6" sidewalls.  The below picture shows what it looks like with a cot and a sleeping pad on the ground for scale. 
It will easily fit 3-4 cots without the stove.  With the stove it will probably fit 2-3 cots.  I haven't set the stove up yet, but will post again when I have a chance to play with it more.  It is the Tundra Collapsible Stove

Inside the tent there are several shelves with built in cup holders.
There are also pockets to keep small items from getting lost or stepped on. 
 The windows have 3 layers.  An inner nylon layer, a middle mosquito netting layer, and an outer clear plastic portion.  There are also multiple vents shin high around the bottom of the tent as well as a couple of upper vents as well.
I am looking forward to practicing setting this up a couple of more times and then using it this summer as our summer camping tent and next fall as a base camp tent for hunting.  I hope it will last as long as the tent it is replacing.
I will definitely provide a full review once I've had a chance to have it out in the field a couple of times.


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