Team Kendrick Outdoors Idea

The Team Kendrick Outdoors idea got started between a group of friends who spend as much time as possible hiking through the woods and desert in our home state of Arizona. It's not always about the quarry we are after but rather the experience that the day offers. Hunting is a huge part of our lives but it also provides the opportunity for family and friends to spend quality time together. Every once in a while when preparation meets opportunity an animal might get to take a ride home in the back of one of the trucks....but not always.

The blog is a place where we can share stories, pictures, and even gear reviews courtesy of our gear guru, Ron. All three of us will share what we can as time allows between family, work, and school, and hopefully some others might enjoy it too.

A little Personal Introduction...

Jay: Lives in Flagstaff with his wife and two kids. Born in Wisconsin, raised in New Jersey, and then moved to Arizona where he graduated from Northern Arizona University. Has worked in the construction business ever since.

Ron: Lives in Chandler with his wife and three kids. Born in Phoenix, served his country in the Marines, and then earned his degree from Northern Arizona University in Engineering. I'm sure it's more technical than that but once he starts talking about work it gets confusing for the rest of us...

Rob: Currently living in Tempe as a mooch in my sister and Bro-in-laws house. Born in Mesa, graduated from Northern Arizona University, and currently attending Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health. That's right, I'm going to be a dentist. Just getting that out there now so everyone can get the "I hate dentists" out of their system.

I will let the others elaborate if they would like to, as this is just a post to see if this thing is working. There will be more people introduced as we go along and all of us start posting on here, especially our family and friends, as they are a big part of what we do.


  1. Loving the TKO swag. Putting it out there now that an online store would be awesome.

  2. Ooh agreed. I would like one like the camo hat in Rob's truck. :)


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