Seward, AK

Fell a little behind in my here's some coming your way.

Spent Memorial Day weekend in Seward, which is pretty much a boys paradise.  You can fish, hunt, hike, camp and in the winter ski, snow machine, etc.  Pretty much anything you would want to do you can.  And the sights are unreal!  We started our weekend by "snagging" in the bay.  The Reds (sockeye) were starting to move up the river and a few people were starting to catch them...unfortunately not us.  We did manage a few Hooligans which we ended up using for bait later on.

Chuck with the haul

And with that we caught a couple of things just barely bigger.  As you can see the fish were so big it was hard to keep my eyes open.

The next day I was able to get into my first Red (sockeye) Salmon and we managed to get 3 for the day.

Our last day in Seward was a little better as we caught 9.  Awesome fish and probably the best I have ever tasted.

Besides the fishing, Seward has some of the most amazing sites in Alaska!


  1. Hey rob, that looks like a great time, Seward looks heck alot like Haines, AK. Glad you were able to catch some reds, I got up to Haines a bit late and they were mostly spawned out so I never got an opportunity to catch one. Sockeys are supposed to be the greasier salmon thus best for smoking! Are you gonna smoke em? -Tyler

  2. From the guys that I was fishing with and some other locals that I talked to they said that Reds were the best tasting salmon in the group. Followed by Kings then Silvers. We had some cooked up fresh the day we caught em and it was one of the best things I've tasted. A lot of them get smoked since they are one of the most plentiful salmon and a lot of people can get a grip of them through the netting season that takes place in late June.

  3. You are livin my dream man. Stuck here in PHX at 110 degrees, feeling like I need to smack somebody just keep my sanity.


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