Start of Schultz Fire

I was in Flagstaff over the weekend and saw the start of the Hardy Fire on Saturday and watched it come close to taking out Little America Hotel and some homes on the side of town.  Less than 24 hours later a puff of smoke was visible over the top of Mt. Elden.  That was at 11am and by 1:30pm these were some of the images that could be seen from town.

As of today this fast spreading fire has charred 10,000+ acres and is only 20% contained.  A text from Jay this afternoon said that it is very likely that it has spread to the Lockett Meadow area, which means it could very well work its way right up the inner basin of the mountain.  All because a careless person could not put out their campfire.

Jay should have some more photos to add as he has been documenting this fire from the far east side of town where many homes have been in danger since it has started.


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