Archery Target Review - Hurricane Bag Target

I picked up a couple of new archery targets this year in preparation for my upcoming archery elk hunt.  I first purchased a bag target for use with field points.  I purchased the Hurricane Bag Target.  It has two shoot-able sides.  One side has 9 'hurricane' aiming points to shoot at, and the other side has off-center deer vitals on the other side.  I've been shooting this target for a couple of months now and have been pleased with it.  I can tell it is starting to wear some around the middle 'hurricane' aiming point.  Arrows for the most part have been easy to pull out, but occasionally they get stuck and require a bit more effort than normal.  I've never had to even think about an arrow puller on this target.  It appears to me that the target has open cell foam and different colored fabric on the inside of it.  The target is 23"x25"x12".  It is heavy enough that I have attached a shoulder strap to it aid in carrying it when I head to the local archery range near my house.  This is my first bag target and so far I am liking it.  My only real concern is the durability of the outer covering.  Hopefully it holds up to at least as many arrows as I've put into it so far.

Here are some pictures of it:


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