Archery Target Review - Rinehart Rhinoblock Target

The second archery target I bought this year was a Rinehart Rhinoblock.  Since I had the Hurricane bag target, I needed a broad-head target to practice with my broad-heads.  I previously have had both layered foam targets and broad-head only targets.  There were things about both of them that I didn't like. Layered foam targets did not hold up to broad-heads at all.  They slivered and the lifetime of the target was greatly reduced.  With broad-head only targets, it wasn't possible to shoot broad-heads and field tips into the same target to see how they group, and it forced you to bring two targets with you to hunting camp if you wanted to shoot both field tips and broad-heads. 

My search for a broad-head shootable target led me to Rinehart targets.  I was originally interested in the 18-1 target for having a portable field tip and broad-head target, but the small size concerned me some for longer shots.  The new Rhinoblock target caught my attention.  Knowing the Rhinoblock was made out of the same material as the 18-1 and hearing about the 18-1's durability and long lasting performance, I figured the Rhinoblock was worth investigating. 

One thing about the Rhinoblock that really interested me is the removable core insert.  There is a center circle portion that extends to two of the sides that can be replaced for approximately $40, about the same price as a cheap broad-head target.  While the initial cost of the Rhinoblock was pretty high for an archery target, I'm planning on getting several years use out of this target. 

I haven't shot this target near as much as my Hurricane bag target, but from what I've seen so far I am liking it.  I keep an arrow puller handy for field tips.  Broad-heads pull out much easier in my experience with this target. 

This target has 6 shoot-able sides.  My plan is to shoot the majority of my broad-head shots into the removable insert side, increasing the target life. 

Here are some pictures of all 6 sides of the Rhinoblock.  It has a few more holes in it now...


  1. I recently ordered the rhinoblock xl. I haven't shot it yet but at first glance I'm not liking what I'm seeing. My replaceable core sticks about a cm out of the target (not sure if its supposed to) one of the vital sides looks like it was literally shot with birdshot and by far the biggest dissapointment was I don't have a 3x4 12 dot side I have two 8 dot sides (like in the second picture) and that is a huge downside for me


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