Couple pics

Here's some pics from the cams this weekend.  Still looking for the big bucks to show up but there's another month until the start of archery season.  A little early to be watching bulls in preparation for Jay's archery tag but it is still fun to see the boys in velvet.

And this guy thought it was fun to see what the heck was hanging on the fence....


  1. The deers are so big, most hunters love to catch this one but the bigger the harder it will be hunt.

  2. Are those (big)bucks or bulls?

  3. Right now we are scouting for the up coming deer hunts but most of the pics we got were elk so we posted pics of the bulls we have coming in.

    Silent Draw outdoors- Checked out the site and it looks great! Thanks for stopping by ours. You guys ever make it down to AZ?


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