Elk Hunt Preparation - Elk Hunting Tactics and Calling

In addition to physical training, practicing with my bow, and scouting, part of my preparation for my upcoming elk hunt is increasing my knowledge about elk hunting in order to increase my chances of success.  A few years ago I heard of ElkNut Outdoor Productions via a forum I regularly visit, Sage Creek Forums, based out of Idaho. 

Paul Medel, aka ElkNut, has a variety of elk calling dvd's available through his website.  A year or two he came out with ElkNut's Playbook, a handy field guide containing all sorts of useful information pertaining to different sounds and tactics to use while hunting elk during the rut.  While this book was designed to be able to accompany you to the woods, I personally can't see myself crouched down behind a tree digging into my pack or cargo pocket pulling out my playbook to see how I should react to the particular situation I was in at the time.  Then again, maybe I'd be more successful if I did this, as ElkNut's Playbook is loaded with very good information and tactics.

New this year, he has the playbook available in audio format.  Paul himself reads the book.  It is available in a five audio cd set with a bonus MP3 cd containing the entire book.  I don't have this (yet), but am thinking about it as I feel like I have more time to listen to the book rather than read it.  He also came out with Sounds by the Elk, an audio cd (with bonus MP3 cd) of different actual elk sounds organized by the name Paul refers to them in his Playbook.
I think the thing I like the most about the Playbook and Sounds of the Elk cd is hearing and learning the different sounds, and what they mean, at least according to Elknut.  The cd goes through the 28 tracks of different sounds, and then repeats them with 10 second pauses to allow you to practice the call to mimic what you are hearing.  Most, if not all of the sounds I've heard before, but I honestly haven't mastered elk calling well enough to know what sounds to call elk with at certain times or what calls to respond with as the elk make certain sounds.  After reading the Playbook and listening to the Sounds of the Elk cd, I feel more knowledgeable about elk sounds, but I definitely have a long way to go in mastering all the different elk sounds!  

Another elk calling cd that I have had for several years and continue to listen to is Chappell Hunting Productions Extreme Elk Calling audio cd.  This is also a good cd for hearing real elk in their natural habitat.  Chappell Hunting Productions is the same production company that produces the Extreme Bull series.
A good website devoted entirely to hunting elk is Corey Jacobson's Elk101.com.  Lots of good information and videos to watch.  Be sure to check out the Gutless Field Dressing Video, and the Elk Hunting Webisode.


  1. A few years ago I heard of ElkNut Outdoor Productions via a forum I regularly visit, Sage Creek Forums, based out of Idaho. goose hunts


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