Elk Scouting - Trail Camera Pictures

I've had a camera out for almost a month now.  Had lots of pictures of different elk, but one in particular has caught my attention so far.  I've decided to nick name him Zoolander since he seems to really like to pose for the camera. 

Here are some pictures of him in June (date is correct, time is not).

Here are some more recent pictures of him.  You can tell he's grown some more up top.  (Time and date stamp is correct.)

Any idea on score?  Feel free to comment on what you think he'd score.  I haven't really come up with one yet.  I just know if I had him in my sights I'd be letting an arrow go.


  1. Hopefully those main beams top out and we can keep tabs on him this season.

    I'll guess he'll be 350's


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