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So far the trend is to mix a little business with pleasure this summer.  First I was fortunate enough to do some salmon and halibut fishing while I was in Alaska.  Now I'm going to share some pictures of my colleagues and honorary TKO members that I'm sure will be gracing these pages quite often in the near future.

The back drop is they traveled to Mexico for a week long dental mission trip where they busted their butt to provide a bunch of dentistry in the community of Atoyac.  On their way back home they decided to take a boat out of Acapulco to chase a few sail fish.

And here's what they came home with!

(L to R: Brian, Stan, Brett, and Goat)
Not sure who the two guys in white are

And this is a close up of Brett.  He's going to be coming up to Flagstaff with me for the summer and we're hoping he'll be able to arrow his first deer with a bow in August.  Don't let the goofy grin and flip-flops fool you....he's cold blooded killer.

The fish on the left measured 9'1'' (120 lbs) and the one on the right is 9'8'' (160lbs)


  1. Thanks Rob for the shout out on TKO. I promise I will leave the flip-flops and goofy red visor home and come ready to spill blood.

  2. Love it! Looks like a fun day!


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