Last year Early Rifle Bull

Last fall I was able to help friend on a early rifle bull hunt in Northern Arizona.  Randy had put in for a coveted elk tag and was lucky enough to draw it.  Hunts like this can take years and years to draw so he was very excited.  This was also his first elk hunt and it was an awesome experience to be apart of.  I only had a couple days to help out but we were into bulls from the start.  

On the second day of the hunt we got set up in an area that the elk would come down to feed during the night.  The sound of bugles rang out in the meadow but it was too dark to see what caliber bull it was. We worked our way across the meadow in the dark towards the sound of constant bugles.  As the first crack of light broke we got a good look at the bull.  At first glance he was looking directly toward us and we weren't sure if this was a bull Randy wanted to take, but as he turned broadside we saw his top end decided he would be worthy of Randy's tag.

We worked closer to set up for the shot but got caught out in the open as light filled the meadow.  The bull was not spooked but new something wasn't right.  He separated from his cows and headed for safety.  Randy got set up and prepared for a shot.  A shot rang out and the bull lunged like it had been hit.  As we watched him walked away we determined that the shot had missed and at this point we would have to cut him off to get another.  We figured where the bull was headed and worked around to intersect him.

We got set up where we thought the bull would come through and sure enough he stepped out at about 160yards.  Randy made a great shot with his 300 Ultra mag and the bull dropped in his tracks.

Randy had his first bull on the ground and it was a good one.  It was a pleasure helping him out and I know that this is a hunt that he will never forget.


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