Gear Review - Camo FX Face Paint

I tried something new this archery deer season that I wanted to pass on.  I picked up some FX camo face paint at Sportsman's Warehouse to try out.  I've sometimes worn face masks in the past.  While they have their advantages, I'm always concerned with them messing up my shot.

It looks like a little stick of deodorant and has 3 different colors of face paint.  

I tried it out on my archery deer hunt and I was pretty impressed.  The previous face paints I've tried are either difficult to put on or even more difficult to take off.  With the camo FX face paint, I grabbed a baby wipe and wiped it right off.  It came off easily and quickly, without any effort.  One or two swipes of the wipe and my face was clean.  If this face paint has an issue, it might be that it wipes off too easy.  Several times when I had an itch on my face I'd notice I wiped some paint off.  Because of this, it might need to be re-applied throughout the day.  It is quick and easy to apply however, so that shouldn't be an issue. 
I will be using this face paint for the remainder of my archery deer hunt and for my elk hunt.


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