Andy Stone's 2010 AZ Antelope

Here are some pictures of Andy Stone's AZ antelope.  I had loaned him some maps I had of the unit he was hunting in.  Here is a brief description of the hunt in Andy's words...

My dad had an antelope tag in 2001 and we hunted the same area, but back then there was just 2 small ranch roads that went through this area.  Boy did stuff change!!  We had not scouted this area due to the fact we could not figure out how to get back there or if we could even hunt there.  After Jake brought me your maps we headed back there 5 weekends before the hunt and found this buck and one bigger buck.  The bigger buck had an archery hunter run him into the ceders the day before my hunt started.  I couldn't find him again so I decided to go after this buck.  I went up 3 days before the hunt and all 3 days I found the buck hanging out on a ridge above a water hole.  Jake came up the night before the opener and brought my 4 year old up with him, which worked out great as he got to see the whole hunt go down.  Opening morning just as the sun came up we headed to my glassing point.  About mile and half before we got there my dad yelled out there he is right there.  I looked out my window and saw a big buck standing 150yds out.  I grabbed Jake's pack from the back seat and jumped out and got set up.  After confirming with my dad and Jake that it was him I let him have it.  Sun rise opening morning was at 555 and we had the buck down at 535.  It was the quickest hunt I have ever been on. My dad and I grossed scored the buck at 84 3/8 and he nets 83.



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