Johhny Mac Style Breaks the Curse!

From the beginning of dental school a friend and classmate of mine, Stan Cox, has been telling me stories and sharing pictures from his home town in SE Washington.  This past weekend he finally got me out there to do a King Salmon trip on the Columbia River in an attempt to break my King Curse that I started in Alaska this summer.  All I can say is....AWESOME TRIP!

Day 1: We were able to land 3 adults and 3 jacks but should have all had our limits if we would have landed a third of the strikes that we had.  Fishing eggs allowed for quite a few fish to strike and the slip the hook before you could get them in the boat.

Day 2: was a little rough.  We caught one fish within the first 5 minutes of the day and then didn't land another fish for the next 12 hours.  Had only three strikes during that time and one of the fish I fought for a while before he slipped off.  The weather was great and almost a little too warm but a great day on the river.

Day 3: Was Johnny Mac Style!  After the slow day on Saturday we decided to switch techniques and areas due to some advice we received from Garrett's buddy Johnny Mac the night before.  Stan and I only had the morning to fish before we had to head to the airport and were able to pull in the two biggest fish of the trip with the new style of fishing.  We even had one fish on that hit like a run away freight train and eventually snapped the 30lb leader, I wish we had a chance to at least see that one.  But ones we did manage to bring in weighed around 30lbs and filled the cooler nicely.  That just topped off the trip for me!

 SE Washington is some beautiful country with plenty of farm country and of course the Columbia River running right through it.  Thanks Stan for showing me around and helping me break my curse.  I'm going to back up that way during January for an externship and hoping that I will be able to break my Steelhead curse up there too.


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