2010 Opening Weekend

Couldn't make it out opening day but did get up north late Friday night and caught a few hours of sleep in the truck before Joe and I hiked in and got the dekes set up. I was a little nervous walking in because we didn't bump any birds or hear any ducks in the air but once we were set up and the sun started rising the birds started coming....and coming....and coming! As the birds started flowing into the decoys Joe was able to put his new shotgun to good use and I remembered why my ammunition bill is so high. What an awesome morning eventhough it turned out to be a quick one. And as an added bonus we had time to watch a herd of elk on the edge of the water and listen to the bugles as the rut was in high gear that day.

On day 2 Ron was able to meet up with us for a quick hunt before I had to make it back down the mountain for the Cardinals game (which they won by the way).  Felt kind of bad because we talked up the action from the first day so much that we were expecting it to be a quick hunt as well.  But we all know that duck hunting, especially opening weekend, can change drastically from one day to the next.  We did see some flights but they weren't nearly as good as the day before.  Still had a good time hunting with Joe, Ron and his dog Ranger.  Ranger is a great retriever and you can tell Ron has done some awesome work with him over the years. His moves might be a little more deliberate these days but he looks like a pup again when the birds start falling.


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