Garrett's 2010 Limited Opportunity Elk Hunt

I was fortunate enough to be invited to help out on my friend Garrett's limited opportunity elk hunt this year.  From his scouting, we thought it was going to be a tough hunt.  I was prepared to do a lot of glassing with the potential of not seeing much.  Luckily, Garrett had put a bull to bed Thursday night and we were able to get right on him and his cows Friday morning.  Garrett was able to put a quick stalk on him through the junipers, aided by the sound of the bull's bugles as he bugled at his cows. 

Garrett turned the limited opportunity hunt into a quick successful hunt.  By 6:30 he'd shot his bull and we had it loaded in the truck headed back to camp by 9am.  

Congratulations Garrett on a fine bull!



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