Josh and Daniel's 2010 Coues Bucks

A buddy of mine and his friend connected on these Coues bucks last weekend and they are studs! They green scored at 130 and 98 unofficial! Congrats on some great bucks guys!
Heres the story in his own words:
Here's mine and Daniel's 2010 Coues deer. I glassed them up by myself at 1 pm on the second day of the hunt. I couldn't get a hold of Daniel and Jeremy as they were about a mile away. I decided to take the 600 yard shot. I missed the first one but hit right through both shoulders on the second shot. As I watched my buck lay on the ground I spotted another deer feeding just ten yards away from my deer. I could tell this was a great buck too. I immediately ran to go find Daniel and Jeremy. About a half hour later I found them. We got back to my glassing spot about an hour and 15 minutes after I had shot mine. Another 15 minutes of glassing and I glassed up Daniel's buck feeding about 30 yards from my deer. Daniel lied down with my 26-06 and whacked the deer through both shoulders at about 625 yards. We didn't realize what we had until we found them. We both couldn't be happier with these bucks. Mine scores right at 130 and Daniel's goes 98 both unofficial. Hope you enjoy as much as we did.



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