What's In My Pack?

Just thought I'd share what I carry in my pack.
1. Snacks
2. Mule Tape
3. TP and Wipes
4. 15x binos (if glassing long range)
5. Slik 713CF2 Tripod with Bogen 700RC2 Head (If using the 15's) If no glassing is expected, I'll leave it.
6. Optics Cleaning Kit
7. Headlamp
8. Map
9. GPS
10. Gloves (or leather gloves)
11. Stalking (Fleece) Hat
12. 'Hunt Kit' (Contents Described below)
13. Compass
14. First Aid Kit
15. Varmint Call
16. Pocket Camera
17. Mini Tripod
18. A) Rain Pants B) Rain Jacket (Weather Dependent)

Hunt Kit Contents
1. Trash Bag
2. Knife Sharpener
3. Ace Bandage
4. Cord
5. Commando Saw
6. Cotton Balls Dipped in Vaseline in 35mm Film Canister
7. Water Purification Tablets
8. Small Pocket Knife
9. Flagging Tape
10. Havalon Knife w/ extra blades
11. Case Hunting Knife
12. Lighter
13. Compass
14. Emergency Poncho
15. Whistle
16. Zip Ties
17. AA Batteries (2)
18. Sparker (Fire Starter; to be used with Vaseline Cotton Balls)
19. Emergency Poncho

The above is the normal items I carry while hunting or scouting. One main item that isn't shown is water. I'll normally carry 70-100 oz of water, no matter how long I plan on being out.

If glassing, I normally carry a Jim White Glassing pad to sit on while glassing. If I have the tag, I'll have game bags with me as well. If archery hunting I'll have some additional items such as allen wrenches, extra nocks, and extra blades for my broadheads.

All the above came straight out of my pack after scouting this past weekend. Probably more than I need for a day afield, but I'd rather have too much than too little. Even if I'm only planning on hunting for the morning, I'll usually carry the same load, because if successful, I'll probably be out all day. In regards to food, I'll usually carry enough for a full day, for the same reason as previously stated.

I loaded all the above in my 2200 pack, and it weighed in at 22 lbs without water. Not very light, but doable. In writing this, I'll probably be going through this list again and determining what I can take out of my pack. I don't think I need two compasses for instance.

Below is my 2200 with the above items in it.


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