2010 December TKO Archery Deer Hunt

A couple of weeks ago Rob, Jay, and I made it down south to do some archery deer hunting.  Needless to say, none of us tagged out, but we had a great time hunting, hanging out, and looking for bucks to chase.  Rob and I got camp set up on Friday night, and Jay joined us later that night.
Our friend's Chris McCotter and Joe Osdieck joined us and helped glass on Saturday.  We split up Saturday morning and Chris and I looked for deer together.  Rob, Jay, and Joe went to an area Rob had seen some deer in last year.  We glassed up numerous does, and a few bucks.  Below are some of the does we saw that day.  (Pictures are digiscoped through my 15's)
Chris had to leave Saturday afternoon, and on his way back to his jeep he spotted a couple of bucks.  He gave me good intel on where they were headed and I made a move to intercept them.  My plan almost worked, except for the buck spotting me from 100 yards out in front of me.  He was on a collision course right for me.  Needless to say, my plan was a bust, so I spent the last remaining few minutes before dark glassing for other deer and enjoying the beautiful sunset that evening. 
Sunday we were only able to make it out for half a day.  I think we saw as many people as we did deer, and just about every deer we saw on the move was being pushed by a hunter.  We still had a good time and look forward to getting out after deer again!  Thanks Chris and Joe for coming out to help us glass on Saturday!


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