Lion Down!

An old friend from high school recently shot this mountain lion.  It sounds like he had a lucky break, but I'd rather be lucky than good any day!

In Scott Knudson's own words:

"We went out glassing for javelinas sat am, and heard about 4-5 coyotes constant howling all morning pretty close to us.  All of a sudden the coyotes scattered and we couldn't figure out what was going on.  Then we saw the mountain lion and she was chewing on a dead "moo cow" carcass in a wash.

We figured she may be there the next day, so I brought a rifle back the next morning, I hiked in and found her on the carcass again... I shot her at 111 yards with a shot and she was down for the count.

Game and fish estimated her to be around 6-7 year old, very mature female between 90-100lbs.

Was amazing and a little lucky at the same time...but I will take a little luck on my side anytime."

Congratulations Scott!  I hope I'm lucky enough to tag a lion someday!


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