Recipe for Success

I saw this quote in regards to the recipe for success. It takes equal parts preparation, determination and luck.

As some of your seasons have ended or are dwindling down to the end, one thing we like to do, and I'm sure many others out there too is look ahead to the next expedition, next hunting season.

Another thing we like to do is reflect on what we did right, what we did wrong, and what we would do different next year. Setting goals for our future is the first step in the recipe for success and helps us focus on the end prize, whatever it may be.

For a couple of us here at TKO 2011 has been coined "Year of the Deer". The odds are in our favor to draw a couple deer tags and the pre-scouting has already begun in our heads.

For me personally, its been a few years since I dropped a deer and Ive decided to focus the majority of my efforts in accomplishing that this year. Ive been fortunate over the last couple years to have had elk tags in my pocket or helping others with there hunts but Ive decided that with my odds at an elk tag are small, my odds to get a deer tag in my pocket are high. Whether its a left over tag or a drawn tag this will be the year.

Ron has also claimed the "Year of the Deer" and I think was actually scouting for this years deer hunt during last years elk hunt. Hoping to drop another big buck like some of his previous.

Rob, has the odds in his favor for an Elk tag this year and has made his goal for 2011 a well deserved elk trophy.

So, our goals have been set and now the second part of the recipe begins, preparation. Its never too late to learn new country and scout. You will actually learn quite a bit about animal behavior without the hunting pressure. Shed hunt in the areas that you want to focus on. Its a great excuse to take the family out hiking and exploring. It will also tell you a lot about where those critters like to go certain times of the year.

I believe there is an overlap in determination and preparation. Never lose sight of the end goal and constantly remind yourself what you are trying to accomplish.

Luck is the smallest proportion of the recipe as long as the other steps are followed.

I think there is a lot of us out there that take this sport/tradition and maybe for some of us, obsession very seriously. Some might say we are crazy but I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say that we hunt they way we live life, focused on success. Whether its in the field, home or work this ethic translates into our lives.

Its never too early to start so get out there!


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