Scouting for Pigs

Last weekend my son and I made it up to my HAM Javelina unit to do some scouting for Javelina and archery deer hunting.  We met Jay and his buddy Jim up there Saturday morning.  Ryan was super excited to go with me and I thoroughly enjoyed having him along.  I thought he did very well and was pretty patient while we glassed.  We even forgot to bring him some toys, but he kept himself occupied with sticks, rocks, and dirt.  What more does a boy need?!  Here are some pictures from our adventure. 

I'm looking forward to Javelina season starting in a week.  Even though we didn't spot any pigs, we saw some sign and saw several deer.  We even found someone's lost GSP puppy who we were able to re-unite with the owner on our way  home on Sunday. 


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