Weston's Awesome Archery Coues Buck

Check out this great buck that Weston dropped a few days ago! Then to top it off they stuck a couple pigs as well. Here is the story in his own words and just goes to show that determination and perseverance are keys to being successful. Great job guys!

Well after half a month of hitting it hard I finally sealed the deal! This buck was certainly a tough one to put on the ground. I first glassed this buck up last week and that's when I put the first stalk on him and ran an arrow through the back of his neck at 44 yards I thought that it was over right then but boy were I wrong. After waiting 3 hours My friend Brandon and I started to track the blood trail that was definitely nothing to write home about, about 150 yards from where I shot him we bumped him in a thicket of manzanita and decided we best back off until the next morning, well the next morning came and we gridded the manzanita thicket and the surrounding area all day without any luck but we got back in there the next day and had the same bad luck, we thought he was dead since we glassed up his does again without him and how he had bedded down 150 yards from the shot. We had to go home but I knew that it wasn't over. On Thursday we headed back up to look for my deer (which we still thought was dead) but low and behold I glassed him up about 300 yards from where I shot him the week before alive! He was dragging his front right leg but other than that was moving about pretty well although he didn't have his does this time. As the sun was going down we decided we best wait until morning to put another stalk on him I could barley sleep the night before but finally 5 am came and we were beginning our stalk, the draws are very thick and the hillsides are extremely rocky and loud so we moved slow and the last 200 yards or so we took off the boots and put on a few pair of wool socks and closed the gap finally we got into the thicket that we were aiming for right below him on the hill and the waiting game begun as first light started coming through we could see he was right where he was the night before and the adrenaline started flowing! We slowly crawled to the other end of the thicket and ranged him at 55 yards, I thought my heart was going to explode but I drew my bow back and we stood him up, I let the arrow fly and watched it tear through his lungs I was stoked! But, after the week before we decided to give him a couple hours before going to look for blood. Finally we found the arrow and the highway of blood right to the buck just on the other side of the tree he was under! I couldn't believe it I finally did it I killed a coues with my bow! I don't know how I'm going to wait 350 days until I can hunt coues in Arizona again but I am still ecstatic and it was worth every drop of sweat and mile we put into him! Huge thanks to my buddy Brandon Emans for putting his pig on the back burner and helping me make sure this buck was out for the count I couldn't have done it without his help!

Again, Nice job guys!


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