Gear Review - Swarovski Binocular Digiscoping Adapter

Early in the season, I had the opportunity to try out the Swarovski binocular digiscoping adapter on my 15's.  Once I tried it I knew I had to get my own.  It made digiscoping through my 15's much easier than the traditional holding up the camera to the binocular lens and trying to capture an image that isn't blurry.

The adapter is adjustable to fit different lens' diameters.  It doesn't lock the camera tightly to the binoculars, but definitely aids in taking pictures through my Swarovski 15x binoculars.

Front view of digiscoping adapter

Side view of adapter.  The adapter slides down over an extended Swarovski eyecup.

Adapter attached to the binoculars
Camera attached to binoculars

Camera attached to binoculars (2nd view)
From the above picture, you can see that the camera slightly sags, but it doesn't affect the performance and I could probably twist the adapter to get a tighter fit. I've found setting the timer for 2 seconds to take a picture works best.  Zooming the camera in helps get rid of some of the vignetting (black around the outside edge). 

Here are a couple of pictures I took through the 15's using the digital camera adapter.  They definitely aren't magazine quality, but definitely works for taking pictures for scouting purposes.  The below pictures were taken during Jay's November archery bull hunt.  I still need more practice and I'm sure I'll get better pictures in time, but for now I'm happy with this piece of gear. 
Cost for this adapter is about $30.  I believe it comes with new Swarovski binoculars when you buy them.


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