Gear Reviews from 2010 Hunting Season

With the passing of the 2010-11 fall and winter hunting seasons, I thought I'd post up some reviews of some of the gear that I used this past year and how it performed.  Some of it I've used for longer than just this past season, but if I'm still using it is making the grade. 

Some of the items I used this past year and plan on reviewing are the following: Eberlestock X1 and X2 packs, Cabela's Bighorn Tent, Sitka Gear Clothing, Slik CFII Tripod and Bogen 700RC2 Tripod Head, as well as various other smaller items that were key this year that aided to the success.

I'll try and get as many reviews posted as possible over the course of the spring and summer.  I also have my eye on some new gear for the 2011 spring and fall seasons that I'll be reviewing as well. 

Stay tuned for these and more upcoming reviews...
Eberlestock X2 Pack
Various 'Gadgets'
Sitka Gear Clothing
Eberlestock X1 Pack
Cabela's Bighorn II Tent


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