New TKO Gear Store

Here at TKO we discuss many things when it comes to gear and what we are looking for.  One of my pet peeves is casual hunting wear.  We are all proud of this lifestyle and tradition and want to wear clothing that shows this.  Most designs on existing apparel to me, are either too over the top or just plain corny.  So we wanted to come out with some gear that was up to date but simple. 

We have launched our TKO Gear Store off to the side of this blog and are offering hats, shirts and Sweatshirts.  Down the road we plan on expanding on these items and eventually correlating them with functional hunting gear. 

Please take a look at the apparel in our store and let us know what you think!  We would love to hear any feedback we can get and will gladly take all into consideration for future designs.  Email us at


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