Murph's Pig Hunt

Scott Murphy is a buddy of mine that I met through dental school and have helped introduce to hunting over the last several years.  Since school started he has been able to take his first small game (quail) and then bumped up to a nice cow elk last year.  Even got down south for some Whitetail hunting last year that unfortunately didn't turn out as well as we would have hoped.

Murph's elk (with Jay and I hogging some space)

The cool thing about Murph is that he is pretty dedicated in everything that he does and has shown a lot of desire to figure out this hunting thing.  He pulled a general javelina tag this year and unfortunately I wasn't able to make it out with him, so I gave him an area that I know holds some pigs and he ventured out on his own for the first time.  After a rough first couple of days with some rainy weather, juggling school, and preparing for his wedding coming up this weekend, Murph was able to hammer down on his first stink pig.  Although you can't quite tell from his smile in the pic....he was pretty pumped!

The pig ended up being pretty old javelina and when I started boiling out the skull for him most of the teeth were either warn way down or barely hanging in there.  After full evaluation I would say that it had a Chronic Severe Periodontitis...


  1. Use them teeth for your WREB Endo.

  2. Congrats to the hunter! Looks like great shot placement, but no exit wound?



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