State of Washington

For the month of January I was staying in Yakima, WA and working in Ellensburg.  My advice, don't ever go to Yakima if you don't have to.

I did get out for a Pheasant hunt with a buddy of mine but it was late in the season and the birds had been shot at pretty good, so the birds we did see flushed way out in front and we didn't get any shot opportunities.

But, through my travels across the state I did run into some pretty interesting finds.  The most impressive were the feeding stations that the Washington Game and Fish set up for wintering elk and sheep where thousands of animals would hang out.  Apparently they have them all across the wintering range to help keep them fed and for their protection by keeping the animals from having to cross the highways and out of the farm fields.

This bull had an elf hoof on his front right

Not often do you see a band of rams bedded with cow elk.

And of course I have to stick in some pics from my steelhead trip...


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