At the end of my Montana stint I had to travel to Colorado for an interview so I decided that take a little detour to check out Yellowstone since I had never been there.  Due to the time of the season the North entrance was the only access and most of the park was closed down for the season.....but it was still AWESOME!  There were animals everywhere and none them seemed too concerned with letting me get close enough for some photos.

A rutting buck that was 100 yards past the entrance

The biggest bull I saw

A cool view of another bull 

And buffalo were everywhere

And I did get to see a pack of wolves.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo of them since the lady that was letting me borrow her spotting scope took it away from me before I could snap some pictures.  We were having a nice little discussion about wolves and their impact on an ecosystem and financial drain it is to reintroduce them.  When we got to the topic of her spearheading a group that is trying to get wolves released on the Kaibab, she took exception to my comment of "That has to be one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard."  There were some other parts of the conversation that had led up to that...but that was the end of it.


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