Kansas Turkey Hunt

For the second year in a row I got to head to Kansas to hunt turkey with Joe and Houston.  Joe's family has a farm out there with several fields and plenty of birds that roam through the area.  Unfortunately, I pretty much suck at hunting.  I really do have a great time and enjoy being outdoors just as much as the next guy....but I really do suck at it.

The hunt in a nutshell: We had Jakes pretty much sitting in our laps every day.  The first day we had a group of 7 withing 10-15 yards feeding around us but we opted to pass in hopes of getting a Tom this trip.  Well, it finally all came together the second evening when a Tom and a hen worked through the trees right behind where Houston and Joe were set up and didn't offer a shot, but instead worked into the field and directly towards where I was set up.  The Tom and hen happened to walk by the hedge row on the other side of my decoy and instead of waiting for him to come closer...I pulled the trigger.  In response the Tom flew away.  Yeah, I'm that good.

I've been called Two Shot Rob before because I've been known to need two shots to take down my animals.  Unfortunately for me the bird didn't offer the lethal second shot this time.  Oh well, the good news is there is always next year.

View of the lower field from the cabin

View of the decoy in one of the strutting fields (of course they didn't when I was ready for them)

To pass the time in the middle of the day we did some fishing on Joe's Farm Pond

 There are some big Ol Cats in this little pond

 And tiny bluegill

Hey, Houston even smiled for his fish pics

The weekend was a great trip with some good friends and I'm really looking forward to heading back again next year.  Thanks Joe for inviting me out again, and I'm glad I could offer some entertainment...


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