Kenetrek Hardscrabble

For the record, I'm usually not very lucky and if you read my previous post about the Kansas turkey hunt you would get the picture of the way things usually go down for me.  I've even had several people recently ask, "are you sure you are out hunting all the time like you say you are?  I would expect that once in a while you should be coming home with something."  Yeah....about that....

Anyway, once in a while a blind squirrel will find a nut and a couple months ago I was surprised to find out that I had won a pair of Kenetrek Hardscrabble's from the only national hunting forum I visit, On Your Own Adventures. I was pretty excited to win these boots as I was in need of a new pair and being a broke dental student there weren't any funds available for a purchase at this time.  The Merrell hiking boots I wear for the off-season scouting and late summer hunts are pretty much blown up at this point, and the Danner GTX's that I got two years ago have been the most disappointing boots I've ever owned (which is unfortunate because I've always had great experiences with this company in the past).

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to get these in the mail.

So far I have been able to wear them on several shed hunting outings and on my hunt in Kansas last weekend, and have been very impressed.  They were a little stiff to start and caused a some heel issues but have since broken in nicely and are very comfortable.  Most of the terrain I hunt in AZ consists of the lava rock and cinders, which can tear a boot up real quick, but the design of the Hardscrabbles has been holding up well and not showing any significant wear at this point.  The other perk I have noticed with this boot is a lacing system that allows for a person to get a snug fit without much struggle.  The eye just above the half way point on the boot allows for you to cinch the laces in place and keep them tight while you finish securing the upper ankle.  To date I have had no issues with the boot or laces coming loose throughout the day.

The only drawback that I have noticed would be the price, but with that being said, it is obvious that you get what you pay for and they seem to be a boot that will be able to last several seasons and in turn earn their money back through longevity.  I have also had several conversations with folks who own these exact boots and they all seem to be in a agreement that they have been one of the better boots they have owned.  For Arizona hunters these seem to be the right mix of strength and light weight since we generally do not have to concern ourselves with insulation and need something that will hold up to the rocky terrain.  If you have the money to spend I would highly recommend these boots.

(They also hold up to muddy Spring Turkey Hunts in KS.  Feet were dry the whole weekend.)


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