Fish Heads in Lizard Head


A few weeks ago my wife and I got away for a quick get away weekend up near Telluride Colorado. The scenery in this part of the country is phenomenal and if you ever get a chance to go its worth it.

We try and explore new areas every time we go up so this time we headed toward one of the trail heads that go up to Navajo Lake in the lizard head wilderness. After a quick stop in Telluride for lunch and to pick up some fishing licences and some last minute supplies we made our way towards the trail head.

We laid out our gear and got ready for the trek in. For the most part it was a short hike into were we wanted to camp below the lake. The hike in was incredible with meadows filled with wild flowers and impressive peaks in all directions.

We set camp a couple miles below the lake.  Our dog Bailey was in seventh heaven and covered probably 10 miles zig zagging the entire way up.  She crashed hard after dinner.

Bailey tuckered out from the hike in

The next morning we made our way up to Navajo lake for the day to hang out and do some fishing.   

Navajo Lake

 I have to say that Ive used these Havalon knives before and they are great when it comes to big game.  This is the first time I used them to clean fish and its amazing sharp these things are.  This knife impresses me every time I use it.

We spent a few days in the area fishing and exploring some really amazing country.  Coming from Arizona one of the things about this part of the country is the amount of water, be it streams, rivers or lakes it seems there is something around every corner. 

Overall the fishing was pretty good.  The fish seems finicky in the lake and along the stream but once you found what they were biting it made for a great time.  I didn't catch a ton of fish but enough for dinner and you cant complain about that.



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