Outdoorsman's Resource Guide

This past week I received something that will potentially come in very handy for me this scouting and hunting season.  It is the Outdoorsman's Resource Guide published by Craig and Richelle Steele.  I received a copy last year and I thought what a great idea.  It contained region and unit specific information that the hunter and outdoorsman needed, such as auto parts store, vehicle repair facilities, taxidermists, meat processors, and a lot of other information.  I've been patiently waiting for this year's issue.

This year's issue is even better!  It contains Outdoorsmen endorsed businesses as well as some additional new hunting resources such as big game field judging guides, bowhunter's tracking guide, Native land hunting opportunities, and a 2011 antler growth report.
Even though I have a smart phone, I don't always have good cell phone service to look up services, and even when I do it is nice to be able to cross reference a particular needed service against what other outdoorsmen recommend.  The Outdoorsman's Resource Guide has a permanent place in my truck this year (as soon as I'm done reading all the good articles in it)!
Here is a preview video of the Outdoorsman's Resource Guide

Click HERE to order your own Outdoorsman's Resource Guide!


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