Bonzai Utah Deer Hunt

Headed up to Utah last weekend with Rob, Joe Houston and Richard for the Utah archery deer opener. Due to some vacation issues Rob and I were only able to hunt the weekend. So we made the trek up there last Friday night and pulled in at about 3 AM for an hour and a half of sleep and then hit the hills. With a 36 hour window to hunt, the goal was to just fill a tag. Had a great time with some great friends and had a little taste of success. Just wish we could have had more time to enjoy the experience. Here is a short picture essay of our weekend adventure. Jay

I have to say a big thanks to Rob and Joe for helping me follow the blood trail and recover this buck. Just as the wind was about out of my sails fresh eyes and motivation were the key to finding this buck.

I bumped the group of 5 bucks that I had glassed up. Ended up crossing paths with them again and this guy gave me a 30 yard shot. He spun as the arrow flew his direction which made the hit slightly back. Persistence was the key to recovering him and we were able to find him a few hundred yards away.


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