Several months ago I heard about off of a couple of hunting forums.  People had good things to say about them, and when I heard they were doing a free 2 week trial period of their gps maps I decided to try them out. 

I downloaded the AZ_BLM4GPS trial version maps for my Garmin 60CSX GPS.  I installed the maps in Garmin Mapsource and from there installed them on my GPS for the free 2 week trial period.  After using them for 2 weeks they locked up on my GPS and I immediately missed them.  I've previously used the Garmin topo maps and the free AZ topo maps from GPS File Depot.  The Hunting GPS Maps AZ topo maps blew these other maps away in regards to detail and features. 

Here is a list of map features that is included in the AZ_BLM4GPS maps:

  • Map Features:
    • Public Lands with Unique Colors
    • Section Lines and Numbers (T24N R34E 12)
    • Topo Lines - 20 ft contour intervals ~ 1:24K Equivalent
    • Roads - City, Hwy, & Backroads
    • GMUs - Big Game Management Unit Boundaries
    • Wilderness Area Boundaries
    • Geographic Names (cities, creeks, manmade features, etc)
    • Water Data (creeks, rivers, lakes, springs)
    • Old and New National Forest Roads & Trails
    • National Forest Trailheads
    • Campgrounds
    • Boat Ramps and Fishing Access
    • Shows Private Land
    • BLM - Bureau of Land Management
    • State Land Trusts
    • State Wildlife Areas
    • County Land
    • National Forest Land
    • Department of Defense and Corps of Engineers - COE
    • Indian Reservations
    • National Wildlife Refuges - NWR
    • National Parks
    • Bureau of Reclamation - BOR
    • and Other Government owned lands
Needless to say, I realized as soon as I'd downloaded and used the 2 week free trial that they had a future customer.  I soon ordered the downloadable version.  I was very pleased with the maps and continue to be very happy with them. 

There are a couple of different options available for purchasing these maps.  If you don't care to view the maps on the computer and upload and download maps to your gps yourself, you can order the state maps on a micro SD card that will fit in your Garmin GPS (if it contains a micro SD card slot).  This is more of a plug and play version. 

The other option is to order the downloadable version that you install in Garmin Mapsource and upload maps to your GPS.  With this version you are not limited to how many computers you can install the software on, but you are limited to two GPS licenses, meaning you can only install the maps on two Garmin GPS's. 

Below are some example screenshots from my GPS with the AZBLM_4GPS maps.  These examples show the amount of detail shown on each map.  Be sure to pay attention to the zoom level in the bottom left hand corner.  Examples are shown of game management unit labeling, highways, forest service roads (with numbers), trails, wilderness area boundaries, and private and NF land.  The last 3 maps show the same area zoomed in from 0.5 mile, 0.2 mile, and 500 ft scales.  (My GPS setting for level of detail shown is MOST when these screenshots were taken.)

Below are screenshots from Garmin Mapsource with the AZBLM_4GPS maps selected.

Just as a side note, but there is a neat feature in Mapsource that allows you to view your waypoints and tracks in Google Earth.  Here is a screen shot that shows an example of this.  I've been utilizing this feature to help scout new areas in Google earth to help keep my oriented to where I'm at.
Overall, I've been very pleased with the gps maps that Hunting GPS Maps provides.  If you are in the market for some new or updated maps for your Garmin GPS, I would definitely check these out.


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