Hunting season is quickly approaching and part of my scouting and preparation included obtaining maps of my unit.  After visiting a local map shop and leaving disappointed at the selection and quality of maps related to Arizona hunting units, I started a search for custom made maps I could generate to the specifications I wanted. 

I had heard good things about so I investigated their website more and liked what I saw.  It was very easy to make custom maps for the exact areas I wanted.  There are 5 easy steps that allowed these custom maps to be made. 

  1. Center your map (anywhere in the US and Canada)
  2. Choose finish options (waterproof paper, glossy poster, laminated)
  3. Personalize it (add titles, lat/lon, UTM, or MGRS grids)
  4. Preview the online map (view the entire map in detail before ordering)
  5. 24 hour shipping available (able to have your map next day if necessary)

I chose to have mine made with the USGS topo data.  Other choices include topo map (what I chose), color aerial photo, hybrid photo/topo, or black and white aerial photo.  It is also possible to add public land boundaries.  I chose the  24"x36" size, but 18"x24" and 36"x48" size is also available.  I chose to have my maps scaled to 1:30000.  Normal USGS quads are scaled 1:24000 for reference.  Other choices include 1:50, 35, 30, 24, 24, 15, and 10.  You can also choose the map Datum/GPS Setting. 

For the finish option, you can choose waterproof paper (folded or rolled), glossy 'poster' map (not waterproof), or a laminated map.  You can personalize the map by adding a title, subtitle and the owner's name.  You can choose to have either tic marks, full grid, or nothing for lat/lon and/or UTM.  I chose UTM as it is easy to pull UTM coordinates off of a gps and figure out a location on the map, or determine the UTM coordinates off of a map and plug them into a gps.  You can also choose between standard topo and shaded topo. 

Overall I've been very pleased with my maps made by  I overlapped the maps pretty generously so that I had more than one map that shared a similar area.  When I used 7.5 min USGS quads it never fails that the area I'm in is right between 2 maps.


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