RoadPro Truck Stove Review

I was first introduced to the RoadPro Truck Stove while archery deer hunting with Jay and a couple of his buddies in January a couple of years ago.  We were riding around in Jay's buddy's Rhino and he stopped, fiddled around in the storage compartment for a bit, and then when we got to our next glassing spot, he started handing out warm burritos.  Those really hit the spot on that cold afternoon!  When I saw what he used to heat up the burritos, I knew I had to get one. 
The RoadPro Truck Stove (I personally call it a truck oven) now has a permanent place in my truck.  The RoadPro Truck Stove heats up to about 300 degrees, and will reheat or cook small meals.  The truck stove is powered from a 12 Volt outlet (uses about 12 amps).  My personal favorite use is to heat up burritos for a morning, midday, or dinner meal.  A lot of my scouting trips now consist of making up some burritos, and throwing them in the ice chest for the weekend.  When I'm driving in the truck and feeling hungry, I throw a burrito in the truck oven for about 20-30 minutes, and then enjoy a nice hot meal.  No mess, fairly quick, and very easy.  A few of my hunting buddies even joke that our hunting location has to be at least 20 minutes from where ever we are staying so we have enough time to heat up breakfast burritos in the morning, or cook burritos for dinner on the drive home.  Since getting my truck stove, a couple of friends have been so impressed they've gotten one also.  I picked mine up at a Love's Travel Stop (truckstop), but I've seen them on also for cheaper.  The only downside to the truck oven is the latch is pretty weak and care should be taken not to break it.  8"x3"x2" disposable aluminum pans are also available for additional convenience and easier clean up.

(Water bottle shown for size reference)
Below is one of my favorites to heat up in my truck oven; Elk Burritos!  My wife makes these up in batches and then freezes them.  I grab them out of the freezer as I need them to take with me on hunting or scouting trips. 

First, cook the meat, in this case it is shredded elk with green chile.
Next, put the meat, some cheese, and sour cream on a tortilla.
Finally, roll up the burrito and wrap them in aluminum foil. 
I can guarantee these are very welcome on a cold hunt when near the vehicle and able to heat them up in the truck stove. 


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