Second Utah Installment

Jay was able to punch his tag on buck during the opening weekend in Utah and I unfortunately came home with nothing more than close calls and a few misses.  This past weekend I decided to head back up there to change my archery luck and get the ball rolling in the right direction for the Fall.  After stopping by Mesa to pick up my riding partner Joe, we were able to make it up there by 4:30am on Saturday.  This offered a whole 45 minutes of "sleep" before I started slipping down the hill to get set up on a hill side where we saw a group of nice bucks the first weekend.  The deer were there and I was able to get close to some nice deer but was unable to close the deal in the think scrub oaks.

By 10:30am my feet were getting awfully heavy and the lack of sleep was starting to catch up.  We decided to head up into the pines and find a place to nap the afternoon away and gather a little energy for the evening hunt.    Turns out we chose the right spot to nap as when I woke up I found a small buck feeding just 50 yards away and apparently unconcerned with my groggy presence.  After putting Kade in the drivers seat of my truck I slipped around the front of the truck and was able to place an arrow in his chest at 40 yards.  He's not big and I can't brag about a crazy long and intense stalk...but I am extremely happy with bringing him home.  I've spent a lot of time hunting over the years and have had what I consider some bad luck with my bow, so it was nice to break the curse and  place a great shot on a deer that took him down quickly.

The funny part is that Joe slept though this whole ordeal and did not believe me when I tried to explain what had just happened.  It wasn't until I took him to the bloody arrow that he came to, and instead of following a blood trail we were able to follow Kade's lead as he was already standing next to the deer 50 yards away.

Ended up spending quite a bit more time driving to and from than I did hunting but it was worth it.  Love that hunting season is now here!  Headed up north again this weekend to meet up with Ron for the start of his Elk hunt.


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