November Elk Scouting

Well, rifle bear season opened up last Friday and I headed out for the weekend to see if I could find a bruin. It was more of a dual purpose trip, the other reason being to scout for my mid November archery bull hunt. The rut is in full swing here and the bulls are going absolutely nuts! I know by the time my hunt rolls around the rut will have dwindled off but going on what I saw last year they will still be in the somewhat general area come early November.

This was an area we have seen a few bears before but this weekend none were seen. It was hard to concentrate on looking for them when there were bulls in every direction screaming!
Antler growth was good this year and we saw some quality bulls.

Ron came up on Saturday and while having a late lunch at the trucks we heard a couple bugles that sounded pretty close. We got up on the hill and made a few calls just to see if we could put some eyes on them. After a few bugles and a couple cow calls they came in on a string and I was able to snap a couple shots of one of them. The first one came in so fast my camera was still in the truck. So after he ran off I got my camera and watched this guy come in from about a 1/4 mile out.


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