Coues Hunt Part 1: Close Your Eyes and Let it Ride

This past deer season was very successful for several reasons and I feel deserves to be discussed in several posts.  The first installment is about my co-resident, "B Wilde".

B Wilde grew up bird hunting with his Dad but had never been big game hunting before. When he asked if he could tag along on a deer hunt sometime it so happened to be right when we were applying for Left Over whitetail tags so he added his name to our application.  Once we got the tags you could tell that he was pretty excited and as the season got closer we had a few things we needed to do to get him ready.  We arranged for him and his son to meet me and our other friend early one Saturday for a Boys' Day Out to shoot the rifles and get some things ready for the season.

Opening morning of our hunt found B Wilde and I glassing an area I had scouted during the preseason and it didn't take long for us to find a buck feeding with a single doe on and adjacent hillside.  We were able to get a little closer and set up for a 340 yard shot which was all it took for him to secure his first buck!

He was able to make it look really easy and made a great shot on his first big game animal, and afterwards gave me the quote that "All you have to do is close your eyes and let it ride."  This would come in handy a few days later...


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