Part 2: Those are Deer??

Two years ago I took a handful of my classmates from dental school out on a whitetail hunt, and Stanley was one of them.  As a farm boy from Washington, he is used to hunting some pretty flat and forgiving terrain around the fields of his hometown.  During our first hunt in Arizona he wasn't quite sure what to make of the hills and overly aggressive vegetation that we have here.  When we located a group of does and a forky on the first morning he laughed and asked "Those are deer?? They look more like greyhounds!"  He then proceeded to shoot right over the top of the small buck...

Stanley is now in residency with my here in Tucson and he decided he wanted to give these little deer another try this year.  I'm pretty sure our constant talk of hunting in the office is a large part of why B Wilde thought he wanted to try a hunt with us.

The week before the hunt we were able to bring his boys out with us to shoot the rifles and let them poke a few holes in some milk jugs with their BB guns.

During the first day of our hunt Stan hiked in with our buddy Joe to an area over the ridge from where B Wilde and I were set up.  As they reached their glassing point there was a buck feeding just underneath their position and Stan quickly set up for the shot, and dropped his first coues deer.  It happened so quickly that I don't even think they picked up their binos at any point before the shot.

It also happened so quickly that I didn't hear the shot over the ridge from my position so it made for a great surprise when we met up at noon and we had two bucks packed and headed for the truck on opening morning!

Here's a pic of their two bucks


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