Saw Some Sheep Today...

I went archery deer hunting with my friend Mike today.  The highlight of the day was seeing some desert sheep on the cliffs above us.  Here are some pictures.  Sorry for the quality, but several of them were digiscoped through my 15's.  There were about 17 total hanging out together.  Mainly ewes and lambs, but a couple of small rams were in the group also.  Three of the ewes were collared.  It is always fun watching sheep interacting with each other and navigating the steep terrain they call home.


  1. What a view! How did you get into bow hunting? I've really taken an interest in it lately. I've been hunting practically since I could walk, but it has always been with a rifle. Something about bow hunting just feels invigorating though, you know? You remove all the technology and its really just you against the animal. I wanted to ask what kind of bow are you using? I've been looking at a few from Sportsman's Guide's archery section but I'm not really sure what I want/need so really any recommendation would be welcome. The only thing I'm concrete on is that I want a bow, not a crossbow. If you get the chance I would love to get your advice on the matter. Thanks in advance!

    1. All three of us are using different bows, two of which are Hoyt's and one is a Mathews. Really it comes down to personal preference and what shoots well in your hands. The best advice I think you can get is to head down to a local archery shop and try out as many bows as you can while you are there. You will start to get a feel for what you like and what your price range will allow. Sometimes you can find what you like and start looking online for used bows and could get lucky and find a fully set up bow that you were wanting for less money. Once you do have the bow then just get out and practice. Hope that helps a little and feel free to ask as many questions as you want.



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