Archery Whitetail Success

Today when I walked in to the CrossfitNOW gym I noticed that Patrick, one of the coaches, was not there and his wife Heather, also one of the coaches, came up to me and said "So, funny story..."

Turns out the funny story was that Patrick went hunting without her knowing today and was late because he ended up getting an arrow in a nice whitetail buck this afternoon.  Sounds like a great tardy excuse to me!

Congrats on a great spot and stalk buck

And while on the subject, if anyone in the Tucson area is looking for a way to get yourself in to great hunting shape then i would suggest checking out CrossFitNOW.  The gym has great coaches, atmosphere, and all the motivation you need to keep yourself in shape during the off season.  In fact, rumor is Patrick was able to carry out the entire deer down whole and on one shoulder.  There is no physical proof of this though...


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