Triclawps Review

This past Fall I was able to try the new and improved Triclawps gun rest system on my elk and deer hunts.  For those of you that are not familiar with this set up it is a very easy and secure way to gain a steady rest in most any hunting conditions.  Its newer light weight design makes it easy to pack and quickly assemble to most tripod attachments.

On my coues hunt I made a clean shot at 270 yards and was able to plant my gun up above the brush that would have prevented me from laying in a prone position.

On the same hunt my buddy Blake was able to take his first ever animal by using the set up for a shot at 353 yards.  Again, only one shot was needed.

But so far the most impressive showing I have seen was on my elk hunt where I placed a friends 300 RUM on the Triclawps and was able to harvest my bull with a 500 yard shot that I know I wouldn't have been able to make otherwise.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to pick up the suggested tripod and attachment system that is recommended for this system but it was still very effective on my SlickPro this season.  Hopefully by next year I will have the full system and can add another review.  I suggest picking up one of these Arizona made products before next season and check out all that it has to offer by visiting their website ( or on Facebook.


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