Spring Fishing

Other than impatiently waiting for the Elk results, which finally came this week, Spring is a time to get out and warm up on the lakes and get in some fishing.  I know most fisherman in the state are caught up with chasing bass but my favorite is crappie.  I've been able to get out to Bartlett Lake a couple of times in the past weeks to catch some pre-spawn action.

Here are some photos from the first trip which was the best so far.  The lady friend was able to catch her first fish on this trip.
After sifting through the bass we were finally able to get in to a good crappie bite.  Nothing was much more than a pound but they all add up to some great eating.

Last night I headed back out and did a full night of fishing under the lights.  The bite seemed to have slowed a little but we did manage a couple bigger fish with most still being in the 1 pound range.  Here's some video of the bait fish action which is a cool site to see when they really get going.

And a couple pics of some of the fish headed for the fryer.  Joe landed the biggest of the night, which is about 2 1/4 lbs, and is the biggest I've seen come out of Bartlett in a while.  Not bad for a fish landed at 4am!

At about 5am the bass started showing up in droves and the crappie bit seemed to disappear.  Once the sun started coming up we decided it was best to get a little bit of sleep before getting back on the road.  The bass sure are a lot of fun on the Ultra Lite equipment!

And here are some of the fish that are making their way to the frying pan.  You can see the difference in size between the average fish we were catching and the biggun'.

I will be headed back out tomorrow night to hopefully add to the freezer.  If you get a chance make sure to get out and take advantage of the great weather and fishing this time of year.


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