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Since I recently did a review of my Cabela's Bighorn Tent, I thought I'd introduce the newest tent to my tent 'collection'.  Upon returning from this past February's Javelina hunt, I had mentioned to my dad that while I really like the Cabela's Bighorn II Tent (click here for review), it takes too long to set up (for just one person) and is too big for just me, or me and one or two kids.

My dad had the Reliable Tent and Tipi Co. Teton tent highly recommended to him right around this time.  While I had been looking at the Cabela's Outback Lodge Tent (Jay has the 10x10 version of this tent) for its ease of setup and take down, my dad got a Reliable Tent Co 10x10 Teton tent for my kids.  After looking at the design of the Teton, I think it has some benefits over the Cabela's Outback Lodge Tent, with setup and take down probably taking the same amount of time.

I've set up the Teton a couple of times and it has gone up and down quickly and easily.  I've only spent a few nights in it so far (one with the whole family), but look forward to using it more often in the future.

The tent has a 10x10 floor, with 3 internal poles (center and each end) and 4 corner poles.  There is a stove pipe hole and shield which will allow using a wood stove when it is cold out.  There is a large zippered door with 2 zippered/mesh windows at each end of the tent.  I look forward to using this tent when camping with 1-3 kids, or doing solo trips by myself (as long as the kids let me borrow it).

There is a 12x12 version of the Teton also available.  The 12x12 version has the option of 3 or 4 foot walls.  The 3 foot walls will shed snow a little easier, but the 4 foot walls will provide more headroom.

Here are some pictures of the tent when I first set it up.

Here are some pictures of the Teton on a recent work project my son and I participated in.  It rained quite a bit on this particular trip, and the tent didn't leak a drop.  I am very pleased with this tent so far.  About the only thing I think this tent is missing (for Arizona summer camping) is a mesh door behind the canvas door.  The zipper works well and the door is easy to open and close.  I like the center pole for the ability to hang a lantern from it.  Two cots fit great inside it (without a stove) along the sides of the tent, and I'm sure I could squeeze three cots in it, or two cots and the stove by placing a cot along the back wall.  I'm also including a couple of pictures of the (messy) inside of the tent.



  1. Nice write up. I enjoyed your Bighorn one as well. It seems like a really good tent, I'm just a little wary of it being something that could melt so easily if your stove accidentally dropped some embers on it. I'm more focused on canvas now I think.

  2. Hi Ron,

    Reliable was having a 15% off sale (today was the last day) and I ordered the Teton 10x10 model. I was able to pay an extra $50 and get 4 Ft walls (instead of the standard 2.5 Ft ones). My main question is this: After you had put the tent up a few times and were familiar with it, how long does it take? I REALLY am hoping I can put it up in about 15 minutes. I am wanting something fast and simple. Also, do you put a tarp under yours or just let put the tent floor on bare ground?

  3. Calcoyote, I think you'll be happy with the 4 ft walls! The more familiar you are setting up the tent, the quicker it goes. I'd say right now it is taking me 15-20 mins by myself to set up the tent, in the dark.

    I try to put a tarp underneath it whenever possible. The floor is pretty thick though. I just like a little extra protection.

    Enjoy your tent!

  4. Can someone let me know what is the actual weight of this tent with poles? I have been looking at one for a horse packing trip and the weights listed are all over the place. As low as 37 pounds and as high as 57 or something like that. I appreciate your help.

  5. My 10x10 teton is 60lbs with poles stakes and a big hammer shoved in. I have the fire retardant treated duck canvas. Oh and I forgot a poly tarp is rolled with it as well.

  6. I have a Teton tent and it has served me well for years. Great quality


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