Youth Outdoors Unlimited Hunter Education Camp

This past weekend my family and I went up to the cool pines of the Mogollon Rim to go camping.  It wasn't just a regular camping trip though.  My daughter Grace and wife Karly were registered to take Hunter Education at the Youth Outdoors Unlimited Hunter Education Camp, held up at Poor Farm in game management unit 6A.

We trekked up there Friday and by late afternoon had a comfortable camp set up for the weekend.  We were joined later that afternoon by my friend Jake and his son Hunter, who was also taking the class.  Class participants were all camped out for the weekend, enjoying the great atmosphere for a class.

Breakfast was served by the volunteer crew of Youth Outdoors Unlimited early Saturday morning, and the class started promptly at 8am.  It was a long day of learning for Grace and Karly, but the instructors made it fun and entertaining.  I got to hang out with my two younger kids while Grace and Karly took the class.  Saturday consisted of class all day, and then Sunday was the walk through, shooting demonstration, shooting safety test, and written test.  All of Saturday's meals and Sunday's breakfast was provided by Youth Outdoors Unlimited.

By the end of the weekend, Karly and Grace both passed and got their Arizona Hunter Safety qualification.

I'd like to thank Youth Outdoors Unlimited for putting on a great Hunters Safety Course over the weekend.  The weather cooperated with overcast skies Saturday, keeping things cool, and the rain held off until night time.  I'd also like to thank Larry Knipp, who graciously donated use of his cabins to hold the camp at.  I met many wonderful people, and it couldn't have all happened without the volunteers of Youth Outdoors Unlimited.  I'll do my best to get my son registered for this popular camp in a couple of years when he is 9 so that he can take Hunter Safety at the Youth Outdoors Unlimited camp.

Here are some pictures from the weekend...

Test Time

Taking the test

Kate Fishing

The girls doing some late night 'cramming'


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