Colorado Prep!

I was fortunate enough to draw an archery deer hunt in CO this year with a friend of mine.  We're heading to the high country of SW Colorado for a week to chase alpine mulies.  It'll be my first time going to Colorado, but my friend Chris has been a couple of times already.  We'll be prepared to spend 8 days in the wilderness, living out of our packs.  This is a hunt I've been wanting to do for several years now, but I've been pre-occupied with AZ archery bull elk hunts the last few years.

The majority of my summer has been spent getting ready for Colorado.  Acquiring the necessary gear, upgrading gear, physical conditioning, researching the unit, studying maps, and shooting my bow have been occupying my time to get ready for this hunt.

I'm a couple of weeks out and I believe I've got my gear list nailed down.  I'm still finalizing my food list however and will get all my food together the week prior to my hunt.

I figured I'd share my pack list and would appreciate any comments or suggestions anyone might have.

Here is a link to the gear list above in case it doesn't show up: 2013 CO Archery Deer Pack List

The below pictures are of my 'essentials' kit and my 'kill' kit.  (Note the pictures may not match my gear list exactly as I've been continually adjusting and updating my list and I think I've modified the contents slightly compared to what is pictured.)

Some of the new items I've gotten this past year that I'll be taking with me include several new KUIU pieces, including the new KUIU bino harness, Wilderness Athlete Altitude Advantage, and a Sawyer Squeeze water filter that I can set up as a gravity filter or an inline filter.   I'll be sure to post up some reviews of how everything worked out for me.  I'm excited to load my MR Metcalf pack up and hit the trail in search of high country mule deer!


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